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Case 2. Carrot Insurance Company

Korea's 1st Digital Property Insurance Company



Carrot Insurance Company is Korea's first digital property insurance company jointly established by large domestic and foreign investors such as Hanwha, SK Telecom, Altos Ventures, Stick Investment, and Hyundai Motor Company. Unlike other insurance companies, ‘Carrot Plug’ installs its own IoT product in the car's Seager Jack to measure driving distance and operates an auto insurance product that pays in every month only for the amount driven.



  1. Using the cloud-optimized DB Tibero, approximately 2,800 tables, around 5,400 indexes, and 570 PSMs are applied within the system

  2. Providing data synchronization for the DR center by Prosync, a CDC solution.



Through TmaxTibero’s powerful DBMS service, Carrot Insurance Company is able to establish a quick and accurate insurance business system.